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About us

Welcome to AssureTouch

We are AssureTouch, the answer for your customer outreach!

Almost a decade ago, AssureTouch was developed when a need was spotted in the health care industry. We saw a need in the market for simplified, affordable and efficient customer outreach. We worked diligently to blend customer engagement with outreach strategies and IT to provide your customers with exemplary service, improved customer satisfaction and to grow your revenue.

Since technology exploded, information is at your customers’ fingertips. Society and markets are changing. Based on the demographics of your customers, their expectations may differ to what was once the norm. At one time, people wanted to connect with customer service. It is still important today, but becoming less so. Today, individuals rank speed of interaction and ease of transactions as top factors when evaluating customer experience. Many no longer rank relationship building as a top determining factor when evaluating vendors. This is where our programs can help. We have programs that connect to your customer service staff as well as those that are 100% automated. We also provide hybrid programs that offer both automated calls and transfers to your staff. You can customize an outreach campaign to target your customers and meet your specific demographic needs, ensuring happy customers.

Do you need a rapid launch? We can provide pre-built campaigns to quickly get you started too!